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The Big, Fat, Obnoxious Blowhard in Black

Do we really need a larger-than-life photo of the hateful Rush Limbaugh leering out at us like a schoolyard bully from a cover of Newsweek magazine?

Do you dislike the disgraceful Newsweek cover for the November 8, 2010, edition as much as I do? The cover photo depicts radio demagogue Rush Limbaugh, in a haughty (what else?), in-your-face pose, a smart-alecky expression on his chubby face, the fingers of his right hand extended out in a taunting manner, and dressed all in mordant black. The cover reads: “Rush Limbaugh: Always Right,” by Zev Chafets, his hagiographer.

Why put this hateful provocateur on Newsweek’s cover? With Limbaugh’s obscene $58.7 million annual salary, the broadcast bigmouth is No. One on Newsweek’s list of the “Power 50,” the top paid media celebrities and political commentators. So Americans are graced with Limbaugh’s pot-gutted presence for at least a week. Hot dog!

Unfortunately, More Rush Inside

Like people locked against their will inside a week-long tax seminar at the Holiday Inn, we get more of Limbaugh inside: a full-page photo of Rush, sitting regally in an elegant French wingback chair, in all of his tons-of-fun glory, again in dreary black, wearing a pained, irritated, peeved, disdainful (take your pick) expression, but no socks, so Newsweek’s lucky readers get a revealing shot of the talk show king’s chubby ankles.

If you get the impression that I don’t like (despise) Limbaugh, you win the kewpie doll. Considering the horrible things Limbaugh routinely says on his talk show, how could I feel any different? Type “Rush Limbaugh hateful quotes” in the Google search box and you get 42,600 page hits. A brief  sampling:

– “Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?”

– “The NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons.”

– To an African American female caller: “Take that bone out of your nose and call me back.”

– “Let the unskilled jobs that take absolutely no knowledge whatsoever to do – let stupid and unskilled Mexicans do that work.”

– “A Chavez is a Chavez. We’ve always had problems with them.”

– “When a gay person turns his back on you, it’s anything but an insult; it’s an invitation.”

– “The difference between Los Angeles and yogurt is that yogurt comes with less fruit.”

– “Feminism was established to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream.”

– On a TV ad featuring Michael J. Fox endorsing Claire McCaskill for Senate for supporting embryonic stem cell research: “He is exaggerating the effects of the disease. He’s moving all around and shaking and it’s purely an act. This is really shameless of Michael J. Fox. Either he didn’t take his medication or he’s acting.” Fox suffers from Parkinson’s disease.

Clearly, Limbaugh is an equal-opportunity bigot. Except for radical conservatives and the filthy rich, he seems to hate everybody.  Hey, dittoheads (the ironic term for Limbaugh’s zombie listeners): How do you justify Limbaugh’s disgusting diatribes? And why are they worth nearly $60 million a year?

My daughter teaches school in Orlando. Her salary is less than $40,000 annually. She is a dedicated professional who is outstanding at her job. My daughter makes a lasting contribution to the lives of the young children she teaches. In doing so, she contributes to the world’s betterment. Each year, Limbaugh makes approximately 1,500 times more than what my daughter earns.  My daughter teaches young people about the world and how to live their lives. Limbaugh spews vile and hateful commentary three hours a day, five days a week (that is, when the roly-poly right-wing talker actually shows up for his program; although he constantly pays homage to the glories of hard work, Limbaugh seems to always be on vacation). All of this may make sense in Limbaugh’s detestable Dittoland, but certainly nowhere else.  – Mickey Murphy © 2011 MMMurphy

A tip of the hat – to these websites for the Limbaugh quotes:,,, and

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2 responses to “The Big, Fat, Obnoxious Blowhard in Black

  1. Your hard-working daughter is proud of your blog–very entertaining & well-written. Yes, it’s true that Rush Limbaugh leaves little to be desired, but what about the liberal media that brainwashes many Americans to believe many things that are soooo far from the truth??? There must be a happy medium out there.

  2. Whoa, how do you really feel about Rush? Loved it, but clearly you have now lost the Tea Party crowd. However, who cares? – From Kevin, transcribed by Mickey

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