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The Ludicrous Limbaugh View of Reality

Beauty is supposed to be in the eye of the beholder.

Rush Limbaugh now features a new commercial on his daily radio show, a pick-up of some of his recent on-air commentary. It goes like this: “I never go on TV. I am way too hot. If I am on camera, no one will be able to hear what I say. They will be too dazzled.”

Based on this photo of Limbaugh after his recent, heavily publicized Quick Weight Loss Centers (an advertising client) diet, he surely must be right. After all, this is the same svelte individual who constantly pays glowing, on-air tribute to, as he puts it, “every square inch of my glorious, naked body.” Yes, indeedy. Some other characteristically humble on-air quotes from old tons-of-fun, “El Rushbo,” or as he describes himself, “the lovable, little fuzz ball”:

“I am probably the guy God was thinking of when he invented radio.”

“I am always the most renowned expert in any group that I join. Thus, people can’t wait to learn what I think about things.”

“I love to listen to myself because I am always right.”

“I am a powerful, influential member of the media, the big voice on the right.”

“I can’t tell you what a thrill it is to hear my own voice; I can’t imagine how great it must be for you.”

“I say more in five seconds than most people do in their entire careers.”

“The views I express on this radio program make more sense than anything anyone else is saying. The reason is, I’m right.”

“I myself am known for profundity.”

“Rarely am I, El Rushbo, at a loss for words.”

Too bad about that last one. – Mickey Murphy © 2011 MMMurphy

Update @ 3:40 PM: Another far lesser-known right-wing radio talker, a loud-mouth bonehead named Todd Schnitt, Compass Media Networks, just said this on his nationally syndicated talk show about his own reporting and opinion-making infallibility: “I am spot on on everything I do. I am spot on on everything.” Ah, such splendid inerrancy! Maybe, when it comes to reactionary radio demagogues, that impressive (and so attractive and engaging) Limbaugh perfection is contagious. Certainly, as this photo clearly shows, Schnitt (great name) looks exactly like someone who truly has his act together, and never, ever, makes mistakes.

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