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An Ego Bigger Than the Sun

Can anyone really think he or she is this important?

Rush Limbaugh, or as he describes himself, "the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-sensing, all-feeling, all-caring MaHaRushi." Yeah, right.

On today’s radio show, Rush Limbaugh alerted his loyal army of zombie dittoheads to this sudden news announcement: President Obama had just requested that all Congressional Democrats meet with him at 3:00 pm at the White House. The subject of the proposed meeting was not announced.

To Limbaugh, what was most significant about the announcement was the meeting’s scheduled time. You see, Limbaugh’s show ends at 3:00 pm. Ah-hah! Anyone who can put two and two together can clearly see that Obama and his team scheduled the meeting for 3:00 pm so that Limbaugh could not negatively comment about it during his ridiculous show. At least this was the great El Rushbo’s take.

That’s right, Rush: When planning its activities, the Obama Administration’s first and most important consideration is whether your radio show is on the air or not.  I ask you: Is it possible to be less in touch with reality, or to have a larger swelled head, than this obnoxious, mean-spirited, big-mouthed idiot? – Mickey Murphy © 2011 MMMurphy

Note to Readers: If you enjoyed reading this post, and agree with its general point of view that radio demagogues are doing vast damage to the United States, please click on the following link: “Why This Blog?” In this brief post, I provide a little history concerning previous U.S. radio demagogues. I detail what are the radio demagogues’ ignoble goals, how they work their black magic, and why they are so dangerous to the continued civic health of our nation, as well as the basic comity upon which our vital public discourse depends. Also, I discuss the mission of the RADIO DEMAGOGUES blog, and offer a simple suggestion that if all Americans followed would finally shut up all of these vile radio reactionaries for good.  Plus, I ask for your support by subscribing and linking to this blog, and referring it to your friends. “Why This Blog?” succinctly answers its own question. It is an informative and worthwhile post. Please read it.


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