The Big, Fat, Obnoxious Blowhard in Black

Do we really need a larger-than-life photo of the hateful Rush Limbaugh leering out at us like a schoolyard bully from a cover of Newsweek magazine?

Do you dislike the disgraceful Newsweek cover for the November 8, 2010, edition as much as I do? The cover photo depicts radio demagogue Rush Limbaugh, in a haughty (what else?), in-your-face pose, a smart-alecky expression on his chubby face, the fingers of his right hand extended out in a taunting manner, and dressed all in mordant black. The cover reads: “Rush Limbaugh: Always Right,” by Zev Chafets, his hagiographer.

Why put this hateful provocateur on Newsweek’s cover? With Limbaugh’s obscene $58.7 million annual salary, the broadcast bigmouth is No. One on Newsweek’s list of the “Power 50,” the top paid media celebrities and political commentators. So Americans are graced with Limbaugh’s pot-gutted presence for at least a week. Hot dog!

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