The Ludicrous Limbaugh View of Reality

Beauty is supposed to be in the eye of the beholder.

Rush Limbaugh now features a new commercial on his daily radio show, a pick-up of some of his recent on-air commentary. It goes like this: “I never go on TV. I am way too hot. If I am on camera, no one will be able to hear what I say. They will be too dazzled.”

Based on this photo of Limbaugh after his recent, heavily publicized Quick Weight Loss Centers (an advertising client) diet, he surely must be right. After all, this is the same svelte individual who constantly pays glowing, on-air tribute to, as he puts it, “every square inch of my glorious, naked body.” Yes, indeedy. Some other characteristically humble on-air quotes from old tons-of-fun, “El Rushbo,” or as he describes himself, “the lovable, little fuzz ball”:

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